How to Make Money Blogging When Nobody Else Can

how to make money blogging as a beginner

In this guide we’re going to take a look at how to make money blogging for beginners.

There are so many different ways for you to grow your income with a new blog but instead of showing you a million ideas, I want to focus on the best evergreen methods that are guaranteed to work.

I believe in doing so it’ll help reduce the overwhelm, allow you to focus on the right strategies and most importantly prevent you from chasing the shiny object syndrome.

Everything you’ll find on here are the same strategies you can use to make money blogging whether you’re just getting started today or already have some experience.

So if you’re seriously interested in making some extra money then this guide is for you.

Let’s get started. 

Table of Contents

Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links, meaning I’ll earn a small commission which comes at no extra cost to you. Please feel free to read my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.

Your #1 Takeaway on How to Make Money Blogging

There is a lot of information out there on how to make money online and how to build a successful blog.

Probably thousands, if not millions of articles have been written on the subject so much so that the main idea or principle in itself has been completely lost.

As you read through this post, i’m going to talk about different strategies, methods, tactics and so on but all of those thing are just the means to an end.

The only way to making money blogging is to sell or recommend what people buy.

The concept is really that simple and you’ll find that you can apply it to any strategy that I’ll mention on here.

Sure it would be nice for you and I to make money money with products that WE like but that doesn’t necessarily mean people will invest in them.

Your duty is to find what people are already buying and present the right offer to them at the right time.

Will it take some time to build your audience? 

Sure it will.

Will it take some time to create the right offer?

Sure it will.

But the idea will ALWAYS remain the same – people only buy things they’re interested in.

If you’re going to leave from here with only one thing to remember, it should be this question:

“Is that something people in my niche will be interested in and will they pay for it?”

Keep that in mind at all times then work on validating your response.

How The Blogging Landscape Has Changed

The internet  AND blogging landscapes have evolved a lot over the years.

If you take a look at some of the different things people were doing back then to get higher SEO rankings and more traffic you’ll quickly realize most of those tactics are not applicable today.

Search engines have gotten smarter, people have gotten smarter which in turn means you need to think smarter if you want to make any money online.

Not gaming the system but focusing instead on the things that truly bring value to your audience and could benefit them in the long run.

Gone are the times when you could just post anything, get a surge of traffic and then you’d try to monetize it.

Which leads us to the question…

Can You Make Money Blogging?

The short answer is Yes.

There are countless bloggers who have and still continue to make money blogging and it’s definitely possible for you to do so as well.

The problem is the rate of success is way smaller in comparison to the millions of blogs being launched everyday.

And by small I mean 90% of new bloggers will fail to make any money online. (This blog isn’t an exception. At least as of the time of this writing)

The bigger question then is Can you make money blogging when nobody else can?

The answer is Yes as well.

And if you didn’t believe you could, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Some people may view the changes that are happening in the blogging world as tough times but I’d like for you to think of it as an opportunity.

The bloggers who refuse to adapt will obviously get left behind and same goes for those with the shady tactics.

That leaves you with an opportunity to create something that’s truly amazing.

All the changes we see happening are in response to what audiences want and if there was a way to sum it up in one sentence it’ll be, They all want better.

I’m sure you appreciate quality content and better services. Your audience does too.

That means if you’re willing to learn, willing to get better and consistently strive to meet your audience’s needs, you too can make money blogging.

But do you really understand what blogging is?

Quick PSA...

I completely understand that not every single person is interested in making money blogging.

Some people truly do it out of their own desire and just as a means to express themselves which I completely respect.

However I can also say that most people who start a blog nowadays are doing so because they eventually plan on monetizing it. Not for pure profits but because they understand it’s a means for them to educate and help others.

If you’re that person then this post is for you.

Other hand if you’re NOT interested in making money blogging then understand that although there may be some valuable nuggets here for you, this may not be the perfect fit.

What is Blogging?

If you currently have your own blog or have any kind of online marketing experience it may seem ridiculous that I’m asking this question.

But the truth is if you don’t understand the fundamentals of what blogging is you’re likely not going to make any money online.

I’ll spare you the details because I’ve written all about it here but what I need you to really understand is if you want to make money blogging, you need to treat your blog as a business.

The act of blogging in itself (i.e just posting content alone) isn’t what makes you money.

It’s the quality of the content you post, the value it provides to your readers and how you treat your blog as a whole.

So for all intents and purposes when I talk about blogging here, I’m referring to how you can use your site and content to make money online.

Think about what happens when you go to your favorite restaurant.

You understand they are a business and they know if they want to keep their doors open they need to meet and hopefully exceed certain expectations.

  • You pay for a service.
  • You expect great food AND quality service.
  • If you get both then chances are they’ll earn your trust and you become a repeat customer.

Your blog really isn’t that much different from a traditional business. At least in principle it isn’t.

There are 4 fundamental aspects you need to keep in mind all the time if you really want to make money blogging.

They’re referred to as the AIDA model:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

You need to walk your visitors through each one of those steps before they can open up their wallets to give you their hard earned cash.

If you’re missing any one of those steps then you’re only making things harder for yourself.

The funny thing is it’s even right there in the mnemonic for you to see: AID + Action.

You need to help your visitors first before you try to convert them into paying customers.

You get someone’s attention, you keep them interested, you earn their trust then you make your sales pitch if it’s a relevant solution to their needs.

That’s how you build a business and that in essence is the short version of how you make money blogging.

flowchart of the AIDA Model
The AIDA Model

Should You Start A Blog?

Can I let you in on a little secret here?

If you say Yes then click on the toggle arrow below to open the rest of this section.

If you’re not good with secrets or if you already know whether you want to start a blog or not, then it’s okay to skip right on to the next section.

Click here to skip.

I’ll answer the question in a second but did you notice what just happened here?

Subconsciously I just sold you on something.

I have no way of knowing whether you answered Yes or No because I can’t see your reaction and this section really isn’t restricted.

But you’re reading this for a reason.

Of course it’s probably because you wanted to know what the secret was but there was another motivating factor.

Actually 2 more to be precise:

  • Curiosity (What’s in the hidden section?)
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Those are 2 examples of the kinds of emotions you need to invoke in your sales copy and a prime example of how to make money blogging. (We’ll cover more on this later)

Sure I could’ve given you the answer right away and kept on moving but a simple Yes or No answer would be of no benefit to you at all.

As it is, you probably already have your answer in mind.

This post is about making money online and I think it’s important I show you how you need to start thinking (or should I say writing).

But since we’re on the subject of starting a blog, the answer is Yes.

Yes you should start a blog but if and only if you’re ready and willing to do all the work that’s required of you.

Honestly I really wish I could tell you to follow XYZ steps and you’ll make money tomorrow but the process really isn’t that simple.

The people who fail don’t do so for the lack of trying. At least not all of them.

Any strategy or method you decide to use is just a method, a means to an end.

They’re the same ones other bloggers use yet you can see the discrepancies in the results.

Very few bloggers succeed and so many others fail.

Do you know what’s even worse?

People DON’T like being sold to.

It’s not that they don’t want to buy but nobody likes to feel like YOU made that decision for them.

So you should only start a blog because you want to help people not because you plan on selling to them.

Your customers want to be heard and feel like they’re being acknowledged.

That’s the secret.

**Oh by the way if you need help launching your own blog then I have the perfect guide for you.**

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

best ways to make money blogging
Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

These are the best and proven methods to make money with your blog:

  1. Ads
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Offering A Service (Consulting, Freelancing, Coaching, etc)
  5. Digital Products (Online Courses, Ebooks, Software, etc)
  6. Physical Products
  7. Email Marketing

1 - Advertising

Running ads is a popular way for most new bloggers to monetize their sites mainly because they’re easy to set up.

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, which i’m sure you do, then you’ve definitely come across ads before.

Even giant media blogs run ads on their sites as well.

image showing how sites use ads to make money blogging
Image of Ads on a Blog

All you have to do is apply to an ad network then once you’re approved you can begin to run the ads on your blog.

You get paid one of three ways – per click, per impression and in some rare cases, a flat fee.

Some of the popular ad networks to get started with include:

The downside about ads on your site is they could easily become a distraction and most people use ad blockers nowadays.

Ads are also very dependent on the amount of traffic your site gets.

You’ll need a huge amount of visitors to make any significant amount of money with advertising.

If you’re going to run the ads though, here’s an excellent piece of advice straight from Google itself: 

2 - Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post aka a promoted post is when you get paid by another brand or blogger to write something about their product on your site.

The good thing about sponsored posts is you’re in full control of your rates and how much you charge per post.

It could be a one time post or you can use it as a means to build long term relationships with other brands and bloggers.

Building long term relationships is by far the better option.

Writing sponsored posts can be a very lucrative option if done right but you need to remember your goal should always be to provide value to your audience first.

3 - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by recommending other people’s or other companies’ products.

diagram of how affiliate marketing works

You act as sort of the middleman between your audience and the solutions they need.

If there’s any particular product you use or genuinely believe could be of benefit to your audience you could refer your visitors back to it using affiliate links.

When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you earn a commission from that sale.

You can visit my Simple Guide to Successful Affiliate Marketing where I go into a lot more detail about the best practices and everything you need to know as an affiliate marketer.

4 - Offering A Service

Services will always be in demand as long as there are people who need help with a particular problem.

As a blogger, you’re in a prime position to get compensated for your knowledge and the skills you possess.

Some of the most rewarding services you can offer on your blog include:

  • Consulting
  • Freelancing
  • Coaching
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Speaking gigs

It depends on the nature of the service you’re offering.

Sometimes it comes down to the niche you select and your audience’s expectations.

However I can tell you in most cases you don’t need to be an “expert”.

I don’t consider myself to be an expert blogger.

There are lots of other authoritative people than myself yet here I am.

The amount of knowledge you have right now is enough leverage for you to get started and if you’re willing to continue learning about your audience and potential clients, you can create products that truly meet their needs.

We all start from somewhere. The sooner the better.

You only need to know 10% more than the person you’re helping.

That doesn’t require expertise.

All you need is to be knowledgeable and to understand how you can continue to improve upon your current skills.

You can start with what you know, add more skills and offer more services as you gain experience.

5 - Digital Products

Of all the different options on this list, digital products are by far one of the best ways to make money online.

They’re inexpensive to create, easier to sustain, and can be marketed infinitely as long as you consistently update the content.

Much of everything we do nowadays is all online and more people are transitioning to digital products because they’re easily accessible and consumable.

Examples of profitable digital products include:

  • Ebooks
  • Online Courses
  • Software & Apps
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Just about any skill or knowledge you have can be turned into a digital product for you to sell online as long as it’s marketable and you have the audience for it.

6 - Physical Products

The term blogger doesn’t limit you to just digital products.

In fact blogging and Ecommerce go hand in hand.

Of course physical products have their limitations because they take more time to create, require some overhead and there’s some risk involved but they can be well worth it with the right marketing strategies.

You have the option to make or manufacture your own products but if you really don’t want to go the manufacturing route you can opt for hands off models like Dropshipping or Amazon FBA.

7 - Email Marketing

Email Marketing is more of a marketing channel than it is a means to create products.

What I mean by that is all the different methods we’ve looked at so far can be funneled through the emails you send to your subscribers.

So why did it include it here?

Simply because you can’t afford to ignore it!

There aren’t too many online marketing statistics for which you can be completely sure about but I can tell you with 100% certainty, email marketing is the BEST marketing channel you’ll ever have.

The numbers don’t lie.

The best piece of advice I can give you as someone who’s interested in making money online is for you to start growing your email list right now.

How Much Money Can Be Made From Blogging?

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best ways you can make money blogging, it’s time to talk about the one thing you’ve probably been thinking all along…

How much money can you make?

The best answer I can give you is everyone’s level of success varies.

I understand technical responses are boring so let’s take a look at some numbers.

This is where our good friend Google comes in handy.

If you’re interested, this is something you can look up as well. 

Simply perform a Google search for “How much money do bloggers make?

Here’s a roundup of what some of the top results say:

It’s not unrealistic to make between $0.01 – $0.10 per page view in many blogging niches across display and affiliate ads. So if you get 1,000 page views a month, you can make between $10-$100 per month. But if you can get to 100,000 page views a month you can make between $1,000 – $10,000 off of your blog per month.

– Source: Financial Samurai

It’s pretty easy to make an extra $500 – $2,000 per month blogging in your first year. And then in year 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can significantly increase your monthly blog revenue. Glassdoor reports that the average blogger salary is over $32,800 per year, based on several anonymously submitted salaries.

– Source: Millennial Money

In a survey of 1,500 Problogger readers who were trying to make money blogging, 10% of aspiring bloggers make nothing, and 63% of them make $0.01 – $99 per month.

The good news is that the 37% make more than $100 a month.

The best part? 13% of surveyed blog readers make at least 5-figures annually, and 4% of them turn their blogs into 6-figure businesses.

– Source: RaeLyn Tan

Notice a trend here?

All the numbers vary.

Yet every single one of them is correct to some extent.

The reason for all the variance is because the amount of money you can make blogging is based on variables that are practically impossible to measure.

The top 3 ones being:

  • Your level of consistency.
  • Your level of commitment.
  • Your niche and how well your target audience will respond to your content.

I’m sure you and I have read some of the same income reports.

I have nothing against them when done right because they can serve as a source of inspiration and could help give you some sense of direction as to what areas you need to focus on.

But if I may, I’d like to stop for a quick reality check here.

Your biggest concern shouldn’t be (just) the money.

If you’re only worried about how much money you can make blogging then you’re asking the wrong questions.

But I’ll also be naive to say that money isn’t important.

All businesses need money to thrive however you need to shift your focus to your audience’s needs first.

So there really isn’t quite a definitive answer to how much money you can make with your blog.

There’s a huge income potential ahead but you need the right mindset and you should always remember your blog isn’t just about you.

On average it takes about a year (12 months) for a new blogger to start making at least a part-time income online.

But this is another one of those technical questions because the reality is it might take even longer than that.

The harsher reality is most bloggers won’t make any money at all.

There are obviously a number of factors that come into play here but you need to set real expectations and understand that it may take some time.

If you want to shorten your timeframe, the best thing you can do is to learn from others as you grow your audience.

P.S. If you’re wondering whether it’s easy to make money online or not, then read this post.

The Most Important Factor to Help You Make Money Blogging

There’s one important thing you absolutely need to get right if you plan on making any money online.

If you miss this step then you’ll probably end up wasting months or even years without any return on your time or investment.

What’s that 1 thing?

Your Niche.

What's a Niche?

A niche is a small section of an otherwise larger market.

It’s basically a specific segment of people who will be interested in your content, pay attention to you and be willing to purchase your products.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Fitness is a HUGE topic.

It’s practically impossible for you to cover everything fitness related – at least not on your own.

So instead of trying to tackle fitness as a whole, you could choose to focus on weight loss.

Better yet weight loss for people in their 30s…

… weight loss for busy people in their 30s

… weight loss for busy men OR women in their 30s.

See how specific that got? That’s exactly how “niching” down works.

Your goal isn’t to create content for everyone but only for those who will appreciate it.

The Process of Niching Down

Why finding the right niche matters.

It’s part of business nature to feel like you need to target as many people as you can in order to increase your chances of making more money.

The “cast a wide net to catch more fish” approach.

In principle that sounds great but it’s definitely not easy to do when you’re trying to grow a blog on your own.

You’ll probably need a lot more manpower and resources to compete.

I like to think of it this way – if your goal is to catch trout, you get the appropriate fishing gear, you get the right bait and you go fishing where you’re more likely to find trouts.

Your odds of success are a lot higher.

Starting a niche blog isn’t any different.

You focus on something that’s appealing to a particular group of people who need it.

Why does it matter?

For 2 main reasons:

  1. You don’t want to waste your time
  2. You need to know if that niche can actually help you make money

You may have a brilliant idea right now and think it’s unique but you don’t want to go creating content only to find out that nobody is interested in it.

Niching down doesn’t mean small. It means specific.

The size of your audience doesn’t always equate to more sales.

What you need to focus on is crafting the right message and understanding how to provide solutions for the people in your niche.

Plus you always have the option to expand into more topics as you see fit.


Your audience will connect with you on a deeper level based on the emotions they perceive from you.

People want to feel like they belong and that you can relate to their struggle.

So when I talk about finding your niche, in reality it means Finding Your Tribe.

It’s about building a loyal following.

There aren’t too many topics out there that haven’t been covered already but your story will always be unique.

Let’s take a look at our previous example – Weight Loss.

There are millions of blogs that cover different aspects of weight loss but the most successful weight loss bloggers are the ones who walk their audience through their own personal journey.

We all appreciate a story we can relate to.

And guess what?

No one loses weight forever.

If you pay close attention you’ll notice most fitness bloggers eventually take on other similar topics as their sites grow.

They build a following and as new visitors are introduced to their brand, they’re still able to walk them through that journey.

The story always remains.

That’s what I want you to think about when you’re selecting your niche.

Even if the story isn’t necessarily yours, you should be able to walk your potential customers through a journey that’s relatable to them.

Build a connection.

10 Most Profitable Niches to Make Money Blogging Online

I’ll start this off by saying I’m a big believer in following your passion.

However I’ve come to realize that if you’re serious about making money online you can’t rely on passion alone.

You need to start off with a niche that’s already proven to be profitable.

If you can get a combination of passion and profits, perfect.

If not, your best bet is to stick with the same niches other bloggers are already using to make money online.

Do you know who determines if your niche or idea is profitable or not?

The audience.

Not your family or friends or business partners and unfortunately not just your passion alone.

It’s the people out there in the world who will determine if it’s a valid idea or not.

With that in mind, here are the 10 most profitable niches you can get started with today:

  1. Health
  2. Fitness & Weight Loss
  3. Personal Finance & Making Money
  4. Self Improvement
  5. Dating
  6. Fashion & Beauty
  7. Travel
  8. Pets
  9. Technology
  10. Lifestyle

**Keep in mind these are all broad topics in themselves.**

Your goal is to try and narrow down your audience within each one of those topics.

See the previous example.

What Exactly is a "Profitable" Blog Niche?

I could give you a list of 2000+ profitable blog niches today.

Does that mean all you have to do is select one of the options and you’re bound to succeed? The answer is No!

And that’s the biggest mistake a lot of people make.

It’s not that they don’t select the right niches, they don’t understand their niche at all.

Let me redefine what a profitable niche is:

A Profitable Niche is one that successfully understands the needs of a particular audience and addresses their emotions effectively.

People don’t buy into the 5,000 word blog post you just worked so hard on. They only care about the outcomes and the specific results they’ll get from it.

If I told you right now all you had to do was sit at home, kick your legs up on the coffee table, watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix and you’ll get $10,000 in your bank account at the end of the month, wouldn’t you do it?

That’s right, you’d sign up in a heartbeat!

You want the end result – A comfortable life and money in the bank.

But you and I know that’s not how it works. You have to earn your income.

That’s why you decided to start your blog.

And you have to touch on the same emotions if you want to appeal to your audience. Not in a sleazy or salesy manner but in a manner that’s relatable.

Nobody really wants to blog or create videos or add new pins on Pinterest.

What we’re interested in is how all of those things can help us build a legitimate online business and live a better lifestyle.

People aren’t interested in healthy diets and weight loss for the sake of it.

They want to feel good about themselves and get praise from their peers.

You can apply the same formula to every niche.

Solve their problems, address their emotions and you can definitely make a decent amount of money as a blogger.

See: How to Find The Most Profitable Blog Niche

Best Practices to Help You Make Money Blogging

1 - Quality Content

Content is king.

I’m sure you understand you’re in constant competition with other bloggers vying for your audience’s attention.

So in order to stand out you need to create high quality content that helps you catch people’s attention and also keeps them coming back.

Remember the AIDA Model.

2 - Be Unique

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself.

Your story, your ideas and your perspectives will help make your blog relatable and also set you apart from the competition.

3 - Build Your Email List

Your subscriber list is the best marketing channel you’ll ever have.

It’s important for you to start growing your email list immediately.

4 - SEO Is Very Important

Organic traffic is vital for the success of any blog.

The higher your blog ranks within the search engines, the more (targeted) traffic you get.

So make sure you’re always optimizing your content for Google in particular.

5 - Select the Right Niche

I know we’ve already spoken in-depth about this so I’ll spare you the repetition.

Just needed to remind you it’s very important.

6 - Invest in Your Blog

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you need to spend money to make money.

It’s a statement that holds true for any business.

I’m not telling you to spend your money aimlessly but invest in the things that will help you and your blog grow.

A good example that comes to mind is Courses.

Personally I believe purchasing premium courses from other successful bloggers is a smart investment if you can afford them and as long as you implement the things they teach you.

7 - Put Your Audience First

Your blog isn’t about you.

People pay money for the things they want or things they believe will be of benefit to them.

You need to align your values and goals with the needs of your audience.

If you take care of them, you’ll be rewarded in return.

The Importance of Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of writing compelling sales copy.

It’s basically any piece of writing that’s able to convince and motivate your potential customers to take some sort of action.

It remains one of the most critical elements for anyone who wants to make money blogging.

You may or may not agree with this but truth is in one way or another you’re always selling people on something.

It could be a product, your ideas or some action you think they should take but you’re always selling something.

The difference is while you are honest about your intentions and really want to help your audience there are folks out there who are just being manipulative and misleading.

Excellent copywriting is about the former – You want to build an emotional connection with your audience first then inspire them to take action.

For some people copywriting comes in really easy but for others it might take some time to build the skills they need to write amazing and effective copy.

Even for myself, copywriting is something that I still continue to invest a lot of time and effort into.

So I want to show you 3 strategies you can use to write effectively and make more money blogging.

1 - Shine So Bright They Can't Miss You

Tactics are exactly just that – tactics.

Advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing and so on are all great ways for you to make money blogging – but they are all just tactics.

They certainly aren’t new either. Those are the same strategies other bloggers have been using for decades to build profitable businesses for themselves.

The question then is why do so many new bloggers fail to make any money online?

Is it because they aren’t using the same strategies? I certainly don’t think so.

The missing element is the “HOW?”

HOW exactly do you make money blogging?

HOW do you use the same strategies to your advantage?

The answer ultimately comes down to what I like to call The Shine So Bright They Can’t Miss You” system.

Yes the name is totally made up but the concept itself is one you encounter on a daily basis.

Let me explain.

billboard signs on a busy street
What got your attention?

That image is an accurate depiction of what the blogging world feels like.

All those billboards are there for one particular reason – To get your attention!

Those brands are competing for your attention and ultimately they want you to purchase something from them.

Do you think every single person walking down that street is interested?

Of course not. 

The goal is simply to get as many people to notice and pay attention.

If I were interested in a new camera for example then Kodak just got my attention.

Once I walk into that store or if I go online, it’s up to them to convert me into a customer.

That’s when the pricing, features, benefits and all the other things come into play.

If they can convince me that their cameras are affordable and will help me with whatever my goal is then I’m more likely to purchase from them.

So here’s how the system works:

  1. You get people to notice your blog. (get their attention)
  2. You show them what you have to offer (keep them interested)
  3. You show them the benefits and value of the offer (build trust with high quality content)
  4. You convert them into customers (the products that will help them achieve their goals)

Every single tactic you use online should ideally fit within this system.

And you don’t need a huge marketing budget to accomplish any of that.

You just need to figure out how you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

Which leads me to…

2 - The Art of Storytelling

We all love an amazing story.

Do you know why income reports are so popular in the online marketing niche?

It’s because they show us what’s possible and present us with the same stories we all aspire for ourselves.

If your goal is to make 6 figures online wouldn’t you love to read a story from someone who walked the same path you’re currently on?

If the message is genuine and you’re presented with a concrete plan of action, wouldn’t that be something you’re more likely to buy into?

Of course it is.

Stories are VERY powerful when done right.

I’m sure you’re wondering “what if I don’t have a story to tell?

Truth is it doesn’t have to be YOUR story. 

It’s very possible that you may select a niche you have no experience in.

If that’s the case then finding the right niche, researching your target audience’s needs and being incredibly resourceful become the most vital aspects of your journey.

If the story isn’t yours the you need to become the best possible guide for your audience.

You can still guide someone to a solution even it wasn’t necessarily created by you. That’s why affiliate marketing works.

The point is you need to share an amazing story your potential customer can relate to.

3 - The P.A.S.T.O.R Framework

6 must have elements for copy that sells
The P.A.S.T.O.R Framework

This is where everything comes together.

A compelling story can motivate your readers to take action but sometimes you need to add a little bit more to it to get them over that final hurdle.

That’s where the P.A.S.T.O.R framework comes in. (No, not like a preacher)

The framework was developed by Ray Edwards and it’s basically an acronym for all the 6 elements you must use to create copy that sells.

Let’s take a look at what each letter stands for:

P - Problem

You need to start with the problem you’re trying to solve.

Go into as much detail as you need to effectively describe the issue.

A - Amplify

You amplify the cost of not solving that problem.

What will they experience if they don’t work on solving that problem?

This is actually the most motivating factor for your audience. 

The amplifications are what drive them to take action almost immediately.

S - Story and Solution

This is where your story and your journey shine bright.

Again it doesn’t have to be YOUR story. You can act as a guide.

Whatever the case may be, THE STORY MUST ABSOLUTELY BE TRUE.

T - Transformation and Testimony

The outcomes and testimonials.

People want to see the actual results and if it’s possible for them to achieve similar success.

O - Offer

This is where you present what you have to offer.

Once again remember this section isn’t about you.

The offer has to tie into the story and transformations you promised above.

R - Response

Now you’re asking the customer to buy.

This area tends to be the weakest part of any sales copy so here’s Ray’s suggestion:

“At this point, you should not be shy about making this request. You should tell the customer exactly what to do in order to get your program, your consulting, your book, etc. You should remind them why it’s important to do so.”

Source: Goins, Writer

The P.A.S.T.O.R framework basically walks your customers through a transformation.

People like to know what’s in it for them.

You need to shift the spotlight over to your audience – their aspirations, their goals, their outcomes and so on.

Effective copywriting starts with the conversation going on in your reader’s head.

It’s your responsibility to build an emotional connection with them.

If you think about it, we all buy stuff for emotional reasons.

You see something, you really like it then you try to justify why you should buy it.

Emotion trumps logic all the time.

Your potential customers are no different.

Sample P.A.S.T.O.R in Action

Target audience: Instagram influencers 

Problem: They need high quality photos for more traffic, more engagement and ultimately more sales. Professional cameras are expensive so they’re looking for an affordable option or something they can do by themselves, etc. (go into detail)

Amplification: If they don’t use the solution you’re offering then they’ll have to hire someone else to take their photos which could be costly and they’ll have to rely on them all the time. Cameras are out the picture because they’re on a tight budget. If they don’t get this done then their instagram following will never grow, etc. (go into detail)

Story: How you or someone else use used their iPhone to take incredible lifestyle pictures that helped them grow their audience and engagement quickly.

Testimonials: Share your own proof or any testimonials you have.

Offer: Get the best iPhone Photography Class for Instagram Success. The course will show them all the skills and tools they need to take amazing lifestyle pictures that are perfect for instagram. They’ll get tips and strategies from some of the best iPhone photographers on IG, etc.

Response: Get them to buy the course.

When is the Right Time to Make Money Blogging?

When should you start monetizing your new blog?

I think you already have the answer to this question but I’m going to walk you through it because it’ll resonate even more than a simple response.

So imagine you decided to open a brick-and-mortar store.

Would you decide focus on making money the first day it opened to the public or would you wait till you had your first 1000 visitors come through?

We both agree you’ll start working on it from day 1.

Now obviously the first people who stop by may not buy anything because they’re not familiar with you just yet.

They may stop by just because they’re inquisitive and want to learn more about what you have to offer.

However that wouldn’t stop you from making sure you have all the right things in place for whenever they’re ready to eventually buy from you.

In the meantime you’ll also be working on bringing in more foot traffic so you could eventually get more customers, more referrals and more money.

Now let me ask you this.

Do you think your blog is a business or just some other online platform?

You’re building a business, right? And one that you have plans on making profitable someday.

So do you think you should treat it any differently than you would any other business?

I see you shaking your head No.

Basically what I’m telling you is if you plan on making money blogging, you should start working on it from Day 1.

But let me be very clear about what I mean.

If you plan on making money blogging, you should work on having the right systems in place right from Day 1.

People shy away from this idea for 2 reasons. Well, 3 to be more precise.

  1. They want to focus on other aspects because they’re seemingly “easier” and are a distraction from what they really want to accomplish.
  2. They’re waiting for the perfect moment.
  3. They don’t believe they’re deserving of making any money online.

Those are all limiting beliefs.

The other things aren’t necessarily a guarantee that you’ll make any money blogging.

There’s no such thing as the perfect moment.

And if you truly believe in the value of your content and that you have your customer’s best interest at heart then yes you have a business that’s worthy of making money online.

So yes you need to focus on building the right audience first but you need to be strategic in your approach as well.

Help THEN sell and only do so when it’s right.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t have the right systems in place when you’re getting started.

Give the People What They Want

group of happy people
Make People Happy

I feel like I’ve mentioned this point a million times throughout this post but I’m going to keep reiterating it because it is really that important.

If you want to make money blogging, you need to walk in your customer’s shoes and understand the needs and thought process of your audience.

Your content, your offers and your recommendations are meant to serve one purpose – Provide solutions for your visitors.

Which means you need to talk in their language, figure out their pain points and understand how you can truly serve them.

People may love your brand and your message but nobody gives you their hard-earned cash just because they like you.

People invest in themselves and they want to know that the product you’re recommending is something of value to them.

So the next time you’re working on an offer, be it affiliate marketing, your own product or whatever, ask yourself this question – “Is this something someone in my audience will care about?”

That alone will shape up the way you create your content, the manner in which you present your offers and ultimately the way you make money blogging.

Final Thoughts on How To Make Money Blogging

The one thing I need you to take away from this post is that your audience matters.

If you want to make money blogging you need to take the time to understand who your audience is and the type of problems they’re dealing with.

That’s how you start to create quality content and craft better messages that resonate well with them.

  • Content that gets your blog noticed
  • Content that keeps your visitors interested
  • Content that builds trust
  • Content that ultimately converts into money

Once you have that figured out, you can use any one of the income streams we looked at earlier to make money with your blog.

I also need to remind you there’s no perfect way or perfect time to get started.

I’m sure this post will get a lot more traffic if it reads “Learn How I Made $23,857 Blogging in just 3 Months.

First of all it wouldn’t be genuine and secondly that means I’d have to wait till that actually happened.

How long of a wait do you think that’ll be?

So if you’re waiting for the perfect time it just may never happen.

Start with what you have, learn and scale from there.

Set realistic expectations for yourself and focus only on the things you can control.

Blogging is a long term business but one that’s well worth the effort.

I hope you learned a lot from this article and hopefully you’ve also gotten lots of insight on how to make money blogging.

I wish you nothing but success from here on out and hopefully I’ll be reading some of your own success stories soon.

I’d also appreciate it if you shared any thoughts or ideas with me.

So if you have any questions, thoughts or anything of the sort, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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Most frequent questions and answers on How to Make Money Blogging

There are 6 main ways you can make money with your blog:

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Offering A Service
  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products

If you’re a brand new blogger, it’s going to take you some time before you start making any money online.

Even then it’s still dependent on how consistent you are and if you’re really committed to a long term strategy.

Yes you can.

But just like any other business, you have to realize you’re facing a lot of competition and you need to work on the right strategies to help you make money blogging.

If you’re asking if there’s a guarantee of success then the answer is No.

Blogging is a business.

Businesses succeed and fail all the time.So yes it’s possible for you to make money blogging but there are also some heavy odds that you could fail.

The amount of money you make is dependent on the amount of effort you put into growing your blog.

It’s possible for you to build a blog that makes 6 or even 7 figures a year.

As much as I’d like to give you some concrete numbers, there really is no definite answer to this question.

If we’re being honest, most bloggers will make no money from their blogs.

Blogging requires a lot of time and effort and most people quit before they ever make anything.

So the answer is your work ethic matters.

Yes you can but starting a blog for free comes with its own limitations.

Sites like Blogger.com and WordPress.com allow you to create your own blog for free but that means you have limited control over the platform.

The lack of control means it’ll be difficult for you to monetize your blog the way you’d like to.

In the long run it’s better for you to get started with a blog you own.

You can follow my walkthrough if you need help getting started.

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