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find out if blogging is easy or worth it

It only makes sense that I answer the question to my own blog title – is blogging easy?

There are 2 aspects to that particular question:

  1. The act of blogging
  2. The question you’re really asking deep down.

I can tell you right now it’s really the second part that matters but let’s take a look at some basics first to give you a better understanding.

We’ll begin with the definition of blogging.

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What is Blogging?

Here are 2 Oxford definitions of what blogging is:

Verb: Add new material to or regularly update a blog.

Noun: A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Both of those definitions tell us 1 thing – the act of blogging in itself is NOT difficult.

Let’s face it, nowadays anyone can launch a blog in no time.

Adding content to your new blog isn’t really that much of a hassle either.

I’m not sure what version of this blog you’re currently looking at but it took me about a day’s work to get everything up and running.

From setting up the domain to design to signup forms, and all the tech stuff in between.

A site with the bare basics won’t (shouldn’t) take you that long.

The biggest question then is what happens after you’ve found your domain name, signed up with your new hosting platform and your site is now live?

Which leads me to the question you’re really thinking deep down…

“Is it hard to make money online?”

The act of blogging in itself isn't difficult. Question is what do you do after your blog is live?

Is it Hard to Blog a.k.a is it hard to make money online?

The most difficult part about blogging is actually making ANY kind of money from it.

That statement holds true for any kind of online business.

The barrier to entry is so easy and as I previously mentioned, it really takes no time to launch your own blog.

Granted there are some people who will struggle with the technical side of things and that’s completely understandable.

I get that not everyone is tech savvy but if we’re being honest, you can find the answer to a lot of those problems online.

The fact that there are over 150 million blogs online and a new one being launched every 0.5 seconds means those problems alone aren’t stopping anyone.

The saddest statistic is the fact that most of those blogs (over 90%) will fail by their 3rd month.

This blog as of right now is no exception! (We’ll obviously see what the future holds)

Why 99% of Blogs Will Fail

That’s the title for an article written by the incredible folks over at Blog Tyrant and it goes into great detail about why a huge percentage of blogs fail.

The article is dated 2018 but much of what they cover still holds true regardless of what year you’re reading it.

(Click here for the full post.)

To sum it up, the post basically states that most blogs fail because of the lack of interest, consistency and the biggest danger being realistic time frames.

I’ll go ahead and add money to that list.

And we can break it down into 3 phases:

  • The money required to start your blog.
  • The money required to grow your blog or at least maintain it
  • And the money you make from your blog.

The last point being the biggest reason why most bloggers quit.

Which leads to the next question…

Why is it Hard for Bloggers to Make Money?

There is no simple answer to this question but in my opinion the best response is the fact that most people do not treat their blogs like a business right out the gate.

You have to treat your blog as a legitimate business if you want to see it succeed.

That happens right from Day One!

That’s a concept that’s taken me quite a while to grasp and understand.

Launching a blog is always exciting (at least to me it is) but it’s also very easy to get lost in all of that excitement.

We all get carried away by the little things – the perfect blog name, design, and so on.

Not that those things don’t matter but it’s tough to keep up when you realize you’re not making any money at all.

You could even pour your heart out on great content only to find out that no one is really reading it.

But to really understand how bloggers make money, you have to think about the traditional sense of any business and it’s purpose.

Take a look at the image below:

Before you come hounding me about the simplicity of that diagram, I need you to understand it’s just the basic barebone concept of how any business operates.

  1. You find a problem
  2. Offer or create a solution to that problem
  3. Present that solution to the right set of people who’ll pay for it

It doesn’t matter how fancy your blog is if you’re missing any one of those steps, you won’t make any money online.

Plain and simple.

The people who find that blogging is easy can only say so because they’ve mastered that formula and use it on repeat.

Those who miss any step obviously find it hard to make any money online.

So How Do You Become A Blogger?

Specifically how do you become a blogger that makes any money online?

Launching your blog is essential but as you’ve just seen, that alone isn’t enough.

What you need to focus on is finding the right target audience.

People who will enjoy your content, find it valuable and will be willing to pay for what you have to offer.

You need to start with the right niche!

You can read more about finding the perfect niche here.

Another important thing you should hopefully have noticed is that you need to embrace the fact that you’re launching your blog in order to (potentially) make money online.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It only becomes a problem when you’re doing sleazy stuff or using shady tactics to get money from people.

In this day and age we’re all inundated with ads which means selling or making offers to your audience certainly won’t be new to them.

The difference comes down to your approach and if that offer is actually something of value to them.

The best dog accessories won’t make any sense to someone who has a cat no matter how nicely you present them.

Find someone who has a dog and you’re in business.

But present the best beagle accessories to someone who owns a beagle and now you’re talking.

It’s not that blogging hasn’t always been that way but crafting the right offer to the right person matters now more than ever.

It used to be you could quickly put up a blog post, stuff it with keywords, get a ton of traffic then monetize it.

Long gone are those days.

Your blog needs to be relevant to the people you intent to market to – not the whole world.

If you don’t understand what your target audience needs then you’ll find it tough to make any money online.

Should You Start A Blog?

I never used to give this question a lot of thought.

For me the answer was always a resounding Yes.

My answer remains somewhat the same but there’s a “but”

Yes you should start a blog but be certain it is the right fit for you, be prepared to invest in it AND be prepared to fail at some point.

You learn from those mistakes, you put in the work, and you keep going.

If there’s only one thing you’re going to take away from all of this it should be the following point…

You are Starting A Business!

The only difference is the vast majority of your undertakings will be online. 

It’s still a legitimate business and you should treat it as such.

You can’t say you’re trying to make money online then approach it any less than you should. 

Especially if you’re thinking about making it a full-time job of yours.

Blogging isn’t about finding the easiest way out.

If there was one we’d all take it. 

Heck if you know of an easy way please feel free to share it.

Once you decide to start a blog, you’ll face your fair share of losses and hopefully lots of wins.

It’s the wins that make blogging worth it and those only happen with perseverance.

You need to determine if it’s worth your time and effort.

Final Thoughts

This post assumes one of 2 things:

  • You’re new to blogging
  • You’ve been blogging for some time and you’re not making any money yet (or at least not what you hoped for)

Regardless of which one of those is applicable to you, I want you to know you currently find yourself in an ideal position.

The ideal position to make the necessary changes or decisions that will finally make your blog profitable.

Some of the stats are indeed scary.

It’s true that most bloggers will fail. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

But I’m certain you won’t let that happen.

So you’re now left with a decision to make.

Are you going to let this scare you off or are you willing to take on the challenge to build the life of your dreams?

We both agree the latter sounds better.

What do you think?

Do you think blogging is easy? Do you think it’s worth it?

Let me know in the comments below.

find out if blogging is easy or worth it

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